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Shitbox Rally 2021 spring
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Our rally is a tribute to the Fighters and the Fallen. To those living day to day with your diagnosis. Living from test result to test result, procedure to procedure and appointment to appointment while trying to maintain otherwise ‘normal’ lives - we salute you! Our rally is raising money to help find a cure for your terrible disease.

To the Fallen, we honour your memory! Our rally is for you also, in the hope that the money we raise will put a stop to senseless cancer related deaths.

I still remember the day my Dad came home from what I thought was a seemingly innocuous doctors appointment. He had assured me that morning everything would be fine. It was the year 2000, I was studying for my grade 12 exams, my eyes firmly fixed on finishing school, my dream university degree and what the future would hold for me. I did not foresee that my Dad would be diagnosed with terminal cancer that day.

He had been putting up with a sore hip for a few months, a product of “just getting old” in his mind. But in reality, a mis-diagnosis from a stand-in GP during Dad’s health checkup a year earlier, had meant his prostate cancer was left undiagnosed and untreated. His sore hip was the product of boney metastasis that had taken hold and now riddled his skeleton. Less than 2 years later, he was gone.

His diagnosis changed the course of our lives and shaped the years to come. It affected my end of year exams, university entrance, career path and relationships. Fast forward 20 years and my life has been robbed of a father figure, my wife robbed an an opportunity to meet and get to know her father in law and my kids robbed of an opportunity to meet their Grandfather.

Cancer has created a shockwave which continues to create ripple effects in my life today. In the past 20 years I’ve had my own brush with cancer and my rally partner and I have lost parents, brothers, mates and friends. It’s time for this to stop!

A $50 donation will secure the name of a loved one to be placed on our rally car. Fighters and Fallen.

I would like to start by dedicating my rally to Peter McLaren, my Dad and in his honour, I will match every donation made dollar for dollar (up to $5000).

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Here's what I'm doing …

Shitbox Rally is the adventure of a lifetime challenging participants and their cars, worth no more than $1,000, on a 7 day drive across Australia to raise money for cancer research.

The rally is not a race – it’s a fun, colourful, unpredictable adventure with participants travelling at their own pace in smaller groups. Vehicles often break down but “we never leave anyone behind” and each night is spent camping beneath the stars and celebrating the day’s achievements. It all adds up to an incredible opportunity to see Australia’s vast and beautiful countryside and make lifelong friends, many brought together after experiencing cancer themselves or seeing cancer impact family and friends.

Since it’s inception the rally has been the largest fundraiser for the Cancer Council nationally.

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raised: $595,735
target: $2,000,000
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Fighters & Fallen Feed
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7 months ago
Fighters & Fallen
Building Fire Safety Advisers gave $200.00.
For Peter McLaren, my Dad! Fallen too soon.
6 months ago
Fighters & Fallen
Cathleen Phillips gave $50.00.
To all kids fighting childhood cancers.
6 months ago
Fighters & Fallen
Bryn Orr gave $50.00.
Ian Simpson
6 months ago
Fighters & Fallen
JR Construction QLD gave $50.00.
shotgun the bonnet position !!!!
6 months ago
Fighters & Fallen
Jessella Property Group Pty Ltd gave $100.00.
Always thinking of our family and colleagues who have fallen and those who have and will always be fighting cancer. Happy to help you out mate.
6 months ago
Fighters & Fallen
Mykaela Martin gave $50.00.
For the most amazing man I have ever known... my Dad, Stuart Martin.
6 months ago
Fighters & Fallen
Jacob Martin gave $50.00.
6 months ago
Fighters & Fallen
Rachel Glover gave $50.00.
Carol Grainger-Smith Fallen - but now promoted in Heaven
6 months ago
Fighters & Fallen
Liam Glover gave $50.00.
My sister Kathleen Wenban - Fighter The most resilient and generous person I know.
6 months ago
Fighters & Fallen
Amanda Robinson gave $15.00.
All the best for your crazy adventure! I hope you raise loads of money for such a worthy cause.
6 months ago
Fighters & Fallen
Cindy Martin gave $100.00.
For my wonderful husband, Stuart. Always in my heart.
6 months ago
Fighters & Fallen
Diana Carlson gave $50.00.
Dedicated to my sister-in-laws sister, Kate Goulding. I didn't get nearly enough time drinking gin with you and getting to know you better!!
6 months ago
Fighters & Fallen
Ashley Watson gave $20.00.
3 months ago
Fighters & Fallen
Rob & Kat Green gave $200.00.
Kats family xmas donation
2 months ago
Fighters & Fallen
Louis Steyn gave $100.00.
For a very dear family friend we lost to bowel cancer, Jean Currin who was like a sister to me. Rest in Peace!
1 month ago
Fighters & Fallen
Jason Corrie gave $50.00.
In tribute to my late uncle Allan Sewell who passed away suddenly of throat cancer many years ago. Lost but never forgotten. This terrible disease has affected many family and close friends. Good work mate!!
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The Impact, Outcomes & Charity

Shitbox Rally is a dedicated fundraising event for cancer research with funds going to Cancer Council.

Cancer Council is one of the largest non-government funders of cancer research in Australia. We conduct and fund research studies across all cancers and all stages of the cancer journey.

Thanks to the community funds raised such as Shitbox Rally we can fund world-class research that reduces the impact of cancer for everyone.

Almost $24 million has been raised by Box Rallies to date, supporting ground-breaking projects such as:

  • A research study to develop a vaccine that protects against lymphoma cancers.
  • A research trial to standardise international guidelines on melanoma removal.
  • A research grant to revolutionise the treatment of pancreatic cancer.

These projects wouldn’t be possible without your support.